Well, developed to provide the best alternative to people who are inclined to self-harming during anxiety, fataltotheflesh game is basically a website. Yes, the website is for those who run towards self-harm when they are exposed to anxiety. The white screen and red lines, caused due to the movement of the cursor when pressed (as shown in the image below), help the user divert their minds from self-harm to this game. The most unique part is that the lines start to drop droplets of blood just in a few seconds. 

No doubt, fataltotheflesh game is invented for a good cause to help those who are habitual to self-harm when they feel anxious. But still, this is not a proper solution to the problem. All we can say is that fataltotheflesh game is just a temporary solution to the problems that are causing you distress. To find the permanent solution, you must board on the journey to finding compassion in yourself and the miracles that the universe can do for you. 

Let’s board on our journey to finding the best solution to the fataltotheflesh game:

Many people find self-harm as a perfect way to cope with emotional pain, sadness, anger, and stress. To help them avoid this, Rafael Rozendaal created an alternative for them in the form of fataltotheflesh game that helps them simulate the experience of self-harm. Thus, fataltotheflesh game is something that helps them cope with sadness, stress, and anger. However, once they get familiar with the profound way to cope with their anger, stress, and sadness, they can easily stop them from harming themselves. 


Self-love instead of self-harm


Instead of cutting your skin when during the depression, opt for a skin-care routine. Because this will help your skin feel calm, and this will divert your attention from depression to the coolness that your skin is feeling. 

There are some other self-love tips as well that can help you live a better life. To sidestep the cravings for self-harm, embrace these tips. 


Learn to go slow 


Don’t rush as rushing will yield no results to you. Just slow it down and feel your life. The best thing to do so is to go to the church or temple as this is a wonderful place to find peace. In the evening, get a cup of coffee, and walk slowly to feel life. Focus on the things that you wish to cherish for your lifetime. 




Believe us doing good to others is a perfect opportunity to get yourself out of self-harm. The peace that comes after serving those around you is beyond description. Thus, this can also work as an alternative to self-harm and fataltotheflesh game. 


The beautiful side of your life 


There is a beautiful side in your life that awaits your attention. When things start to hover over your mind then, start to look at the beautiful side of your life. Definitely, you will have something in your life that can fill your heart with gratitude. Focus on that and be thankful for that. Listen to life-filling songs and India has incredible these kinds of songs. 


Learn to forgive 


When you learn to forgive people and stop cursing them or yourself, something good will surely happen. Just try to forgive them, even if they don’t feel sorry for that. You have to forgive them not to trust them again but to set yourself free from revenge and cursing. 



The pointers that we have elaborated on aren’t actually the alternative to the fataltotheflesh game. In fact, they will be working as the best alternative to self-harm. In the last, we can say that fataltotheflesh game is invented for a good cause and plays a very vital part in refraining someone from self-harm. 


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