Tonichelle Harvey: The Spine-chilling Case From The Bronx
Police tape hangs across a street in front of a building, New York City, New York, USA.

How disheartening it is to feel when a partner with whom we dream of living a wonderful life takes us to the doors of our death. Well, this spine-chilling case from the Bronx is exactly the same. A 30-year-old Tonichelle Harvey has been charged with the murder of her partner.

Although this is not the first case of its kind that you will hear, there are a plethora of cases in the world that tell similar stories. But this case has emerged as one of the most spine-chilling cases.

All You Need to Know About Tonichelle Harvey Case

The following pointers will help you understand the Tonichelle Harvey case better.

Let’s Recall The Scene When The Cops Arrived

On 6th Oct, at around 8:00 pm in the Bronx, the cops received a call from a person at apartment 616 E. 139 Street. They quickly responded to the call and arrive at the spot only to find Ms. Tonichelle Harvey and a body of a man lying in the bed area with his face down and some bruises on the neck area. The cops didn’t delay to conclude that the person was strangled. The paramedics confirm the death of the person and the cops charged Tonichelle Harvey with the murder of the deceased.

Tonichelle Harvey’s Confession To The Murder

It is to inform you that Tonichelle Harvey has confessed to the murder and told the authorities that her action was a response to the deceased attempt to choke her. Although this 30 years old lady has also faced some arrests in the past as well, the authorities are still busy in the investigation to conclude the exact reason for the murder.

The Response From The Neighbors of Tonichelle Harvey

An interaction with her neighbors revealed that they both fought with each other often and the victim was helpless and compelled to live with her as he didn’t have any other place to live.


The bruises on the neck of the victim made the cops believe that he was choked to death and  Tonichelle Harvey was arrested on the basis of suspicion. However, after her confession, she is charged with manslaughter and murder. Well, it is strenuous for her to escape the punishment under the shield of self-defense. However, it is wise to wait for the decision of the jury members.


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