A breakup leaves bitterness in one’s heart that can take years to fade away from one’s life. So many unanswered questions jump into your mind and you just want to sit peacefully to seek those answers. You feel frustrated at making even the smallest decisions. A sense of silence inside you starts to distract you and you just want to sit peacefully to listen to it. Keeping all these frustrating things aside, there comes studies to add to your frustration. In such a scenario, it becomes quite onerous to stay focused on your studies wholeheartedly even for 5 minutes. You left with a wish to run far away from this world, to a corner, where no one can disturb you, but then, enters the responsibilities that you have on your shoulders.


Well, you don’t wish to run away from your life, in fact, you want to run away from the pain that you are carrying in your heart. A pain that makes you cry in front of the mirror in the washroom or in the terrace. It is often believed that crying makes your heart feel light. Do cry if it works for you but don’t run away from your responsibilities. Yes, your responsibilities are of the huge importance than the one who left you to survive alone in your worst or maybe the one who pushed you to such a heart-wrenching situation.

Yes, your responsibilities are more important than the one who left you to suffer alone in a situation that can cost you your life. Studying is an essential part of your life and you must focus on it.

Would you believe us, if we say that studying is a blessing that can help you escape the depression that comes after a breakup? Yes, breakup comes with stress and depression but studying and your daily house chores come as a blessing to help you escape the trap of depression.

We will try our best to help you understand a few tips to focus on your studying after a breakup. We are trying to keep our language as simple as we can. So that, you don’t get into trouble while reading the content.

Embrace the following tips to focus on studying after a breakup:

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness can help you save yourself from falling into the rainfall of never-ending questions or thoughts. There would be a never-ending or a few questions and thoughts that might be troubling you. After a week, you must start to overcome them through mindfulness.

To practice mindfulness, all you need is to focus on the tasks that you are doing right now. According to Thich Nhat Hanh, mindfulness is an effective way to bring yourself to the present from never-ending thoughts. While dishing, just keep your focus on dishing rather than thinking of a memory of your past. Even when you are walking on the road, just do it with full focus as if you are kissing the earth with every single step.

Make a Decision to be Happy

Your parents have always wanted to see you happy. To your surprise, the one who created you also wishes to see you happy. Therefore, it is compulsory for you to stay happy from the inside and outside as well. Just spread happiness around you and look for happiness around you.

There are umpteen reasons to stay happy and you can find them all. For example, if your friend has bought a car. This is a happy moment and feel good about it. Because when you practice staying happy in the happiness of others, God starts to beautify your destiny as well.

Be Simple

Don’t make things complicated if they aren’t. Believe us, studying is easy if you have undivided attention. All you need is the best quality books and an interest in gaining knowledge. Use studying as a wonderful way to get out of the trap of thoughts.

The Hygee Lifestyle

The Hygee Lifestyle is an incredible way to heal yourself from your past memories. Just decorate your room with some amazing lights and candles. In the evening, get a cup of coffee and a playlist of your favorite songs ready. Then, sit peacefully with yourself for half an hour to taste the incredible taste of coffee, listen to the songs that fill you with happiness, and be happy to receive something bigger than the one that left you.

Opt for the songs that help you live your life to the fullest, such as “Dil hai chota sa, choti si Asha” from the movie “Roja”, “jeeya re jeeya re” from the movie “Jab Tak hai Jaan”, etc. Listening to such songs will give new meaning to your life.


Hence, don’t touch the space where it hurts. Try to look at the beautiful side of your life. One thing that you have to remember is that hope is important. Whenever you get hope, it is a reminder from the universe that it wants to give you something better. Also, never forget that talking to your family members is also a blessing.


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